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Talking Turkey: Content Marketing with Jasmine Holmes

on September 8 in Content Marketing | 0 comments

Ever wondered why we love Thanksgiving so much? It has to be the leftovers. Let’s face it, on any other day, a turkey sandwich is nothing to get excited about. But the day after Thanksgiving, it’s sublime.Like Thanksgiving turkey, content is more delicious when served in small portions the next day. Traditionally when creating content, we start with smaller pieces (a blog post or newsletter) that we hope to someday string into something larger (an e-book or white paper). It’s a little like throwing left overs into a pot hoping they make a stew. Sometimes it comes together and sometimes you end up ordering pizza.Treat your content like a Thanksgiving turkey instead. Create the larger piece first hand, then carve it into smaller, bite sized pieces. I’m amazed how much content can be generated from a short e-book—blog posts, newsletter articles and infographics—all of which can be broken into smaller pieces and shared on social media. –Jasmine Holmes, 910 West Check out the latest news from our friends at 910 West. Related posts from TDZ: How to Create Content Out of Thin Air Do You Need Technology (aka Marketing Automation) for Content Marketing? Reasons You Might Start with Content Marketing vs. Social Media...

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Do You Need Technology for Content Marketing?

on June 15 in Content Marketing, Small Business | 0 comments

In this post, we address whether you–as a small business owner–need technology for content marketing. Technology here refers to marketing automation software or a platform. You may or may not need a big technology investment to support your content efforts.  This is one of our Business Breakdown posts. We break down a marketing headline, explaining who it’s intended for and what it means to you as a U.S.-based small business owner, microbusiness owner, SOHO, or sole proprietor. The Source “How Tech Can Help B2Bs Elevate Content Efficiency” from The Details about Technology for Content Marketing “Nearly eight in 10 B2B marketing professionals worldwide used website analytics tools, the top response, and about three-quarters leveraged No. 2 marketing automation solutions. In comparison, just over three in 10 used collaboration or project management platforms to coordinate and track such efforts.” (Q2 2015 polling by Starfleet Media) The Audience and Participants For international marketers in B2B companies. We don’t know how many companies participated in the studies. We don’t know the sizes of the companies surveyed, either. The Purpose To show how inefficient content marketing can be. To show the gap in technology use. Project management software or a content-marketing platform, for example. The conclusion is the ineffiency is caused by the lack of tools or too many tools. The solution for B2B marketers is technology for content marketing–and more specifically a platform. What You Need to Know As a small business owner, microbusiness owner, SOHO, or sole proprietor, know this:  1. If you’re going to produce or curate content, measure it. Chances are, you already have Google Analytics. Use it. You need that technology for content marketing at a minimum. And to know what to measure, too. (Update: Buffer has an awesome blog post about using GA more effectively and what to measure.) 2. Have a defined process for measuring and what you do with the data. Having a data-driven culture helps too. If all that sounds overwhelming, my associates and I can help. 3. Don’t take on too many technology tools. More to manage, more expense. Not always more results. Technology for technology’s sake is not smart. Unless you can afford to have technology as hobby. 4. Automation may or may not be your best bet. Before you rush out and...

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