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How Big Banks Are Blowing It

on March 17 in Service Experience Design | 4 comments

During the Q&A session of Gary Vaynerchuk’s talk last night, one guy brought up his annoyance with the bank tellers (at Wells Fargo) asking him questions about himself and making small talk. I forget the exact question but Gary’s response was that this is an annoying experience because it isn’t authentic. They want a piece of data about you so they can send you a promotion. And we know that because we have a strong BS meter. I didn’t realize it at The Thank You Economy book signing* because there was so much to take in, but earlier that day, I was at Bank of America and the teller was making conversation with me.  I remember thinking, This is a little unusual and awkward. Especially the point where—during my funds transfer—she said, “Oh you have a business account with Bank of Arizona?”  While I only said yes in response, I’m thinking: Yes, because I like to bank locally.  I’m a member of Local First Arizona. I don’t like large institutions and the only reason my account is here is because you sold me a HELOC when I needed it and didn’t know the importance of supporting local business. But I digress . . . The point being, I noticed the woman next to me was completely unresponsive to her teller’s questions about the weather, weekend plans, etc.  So, this guy at the reading is not alone.  Maybe in some weird collective-executive imagination this is the banks’ way of trying to compete with social media.  Maybe they’re thinking: We’re going to be social for real. We’re going to build relationships with everyone who comes in–in person! What could be better than that? But it feels prescribed.  It’s like managers at the large national banks have given the directive “talk to customers, be their friend, and find out what makes them tick.”  The thing is, they can’t be my friend. A friend would hold onto my money and not charge me if I asked for it back. Period. Among other things. Because I’m a data person, I wonder if Bank of America will start to see more people using ATMs in response to this “personalized service approach” or whatever they’re calling it in-house.  (You know it’s...

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