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Focus on . . . Small Business Website Improvement
Most small businesses have launched a company website to establish a brand identity, build credibility with prospects, cross temporal communication barriers, create opportunities for lead generation or customer education, or conduct online sales. But with growth and expansion, the site has lost its focus, become difficult to navigate, and/or compromised the brand . . .

Focus on . . . Small Business Advertising
I’ve seen some confusion lately among small business owners and micro-business owners about the relationship between marketing and advertising . . .

Focus on . . . Small Business Hiring
So you’ve decided that you need full-time employees for your small business—Congratulations! If you are like most, the instinct is to dive in . . .

Focus on . . . Customers
Ideally, this is where the focus should always be, and, on the surface, it seems like a no-brainer: of course we listen to our customers and deliver goods and services based on those needs! But what happens when daily pressures, growth, and organizational/market changes distance you . . .

Focus on . . . Successful Marketing Projects: Tips for Entrepreneurs and Small Businesses
Whether you’ve just started out in business or taken the first step toward marketing your business, there’s a lot to learn . . .

Focus on . . . Product Development & Improvement
When new businesses and even some established companies are not bringing in sales as expected, a common response is to seek marketing help, but a limited type—Promotions, or Marketing Communications . . .


Process Development

How Entrepreneurs and Start-Ups Do Business

Basic Intro to Website Goals for Entrepreneurs and Start-Ups

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