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The Power Poses-Authenticity Connection

on September 19 in Authenticity | 0 comments

What’s the Power Poses-Authenticity Connection?

By now, Amy Cuddy’s research and TED talk are well known among many business people. What interests me is the connection between using power poses and how that physical action allows us to be more ourselves.  Cuddy captured the idea perfectly when speaking to youth at a shelter, as reported by the New York Times:

power poses authenticity

The Power Poses – Authenticity Connection

This is why I advocate power poses before networking events as part of the Certified Authentic Networker program. Useful for men and women, introverts or extroverts, and no matter what our mindset prior to the action, power poses increase our ability to be comfortable and therefore more genuine.

If you’ve experienced the benefits of power poses, please share your story!

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