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Creating Your Own Vocabulary – Tracyisms

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As you learn new things, identify trends, or solidify your own ideas about your industry or your world, it’s often useful to create your own vocabulary. I’ve created this post as a running tab of the words I’ve created or picked up on and made my own. I call them Tracyisms. Do you have words that aren’t really words you’re using regularly? Post in the comments! Tracyisms Bounce-backiness: The measure of your ability to bounce back from a difficult or stressful situation or event. Scarecitement (or scarecited): Feeling scared and excited at the same time, which happens often. I’ve heard it said that “the difference between fear and excitement is the breath.” This term can be used to describe the specific place before you’ve harnessed the breath or decided how to feel as well as the general space of not knowing which way you will go–or being comfortable in the limbo if you choose. It’s the journey. Conflictedness: The feeling or state of holding conflicting or competing ideas in the mind, which creates indecision or procrastination. It’s not always bad; it just needs to be...

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Dipping Down into Q4: Day 8 of #30DaysofQ2

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I’m a day late. I fell off the productivity wagon. The good news? I went on a fun ride. Finally. As I mentioned before, I tend to work and not make time for play.  With my recent 45th birthday, I decided to make more time for friends and fun. Monday night I did just that. A detour to Q4. The real challenge? Hiking back up to Q2 WITHOUT beating myself up about it. Because honestly folks, self-reprimand is a non-productive, not important, and not urgent activity. Let’s give ourselves a break and save some energy for good. And by us I mean me. Do you spend time nagging yourself, regretting your actions? It’s a waste, right?  ...

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Recreation as a Quadrant 2 Activity

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It’s Friday! What better day to embrace recreation as a Quadrant 2 activity? This one is a no-brainer. And yet, to make time for fun–aka meaningful entertainment experiences–can seem, well, wrong. That’s the challenge of living in Quadrant 2, especially for solo service providers, self employed folks, and solopreneurs like me.  I’ve talked about the challenge of extracting myself from work before and building relationships with events. Recreation can be seen as a luxury, sure. But my challenge today is to embrace it as a necessity. I know when I was sick as a dog from chemo, fun seemed like a long way off.  I probably even vowed to have more of it when I was better. And yet, I fall into work. The trick is to throw off this heavy cloak of guilt and enjoy life. I should know this. TGIF to remind me of the importance of this. And since it’s the birthday weekend, I have the best reason of all to celebrate. Here’s to another year of...

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Image and Authenticity: Are Image-Conscious People Authentic?

on February 29 in Uncategorized | 1 comment

It’s a controversial question. I imagine in some cases, women in particular reading this may be protesting at the very suggestion. Maybe a better question is “What’s the opposite of authentic?” Is it artifice? Superficiality? Maybe. And if that’s the case, is focusing on image a small part of that?  I admit: I am skeptical about those who seem overly concerned with their appearances. Is there a connection between image and authenticity? I get that as women we are expected to pay attention to how we look. In many cases, we’re encouraged to look for deficiencies–and to cover them up. Men struggle with this, too, but they haven’t experienced the same societal pressures as women. In either case, one reason we might be image-conscious, regardless of gender, is we’re trying to “make up” for something we think is wrong, instead of allowing ourselves to accept what’s there naturally. For me, it’s about the reasons (and thoughts!) behind the actions. Makeup, nail polish, styling products–all potential signals we might be more concerned with image than substance. Does that mean I’ll never use them? No. Does it mean it I’ll be mindful about how and WHY I use them? Yes. I think it is important that people know when they see me it’s all about how I’m feeling in the moment. When I do use makeup, it’s minimally. More importantly, I’m not looking at flaws or covering up. There’s far more important work to do than sitting in front of a mirror! (I don’t even sit down usually if I’m going to put on makeup!) What matters to me is the intent behind the grooming. Not everyone who has a French manicure or a perfectly trimmed beard is obtuse. For me, the impression that someone might be “overly concerned” with image creates a lack of trust. This may just be a personal bias, but when I sense that someone is too invested in how they look–they have signs of the perfectionist with respect to “image”–I have doubts about their ability to be authentic. To accept themselves as they are. All this said, no matter what someone’s reasons are for showing up as they do, we can’t truly know why. We can only pay attention to our...

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Sell Local AZ

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Sell Local AZ History I bought the domain years ago in response to “Buy Local” campaigns. My thinking was that in many cases we have a distribution problem in Arizona, not a demand problem. There might not be a lack of consumers clamoring for local goods. Instead, it might be a gap in the B2B  sales that make getting those goods in the hands of consumers difficult.  I wasn’t sure (without data) whether this was the case or not, but thought to explore it further. Then, of course, I got distracted. With my real work. And so I did nothing with the domain name.  As of today, I set up a free site, just for fun. Ironically, I can’t get the wintery, very-unArizona hero image to change but again, not an important investment for me now. Purpose of This Page I’d like to know your thoughts on the subject. If you are involved in or have access to the data around buying and selling locally, please share.  If you’d like to do something with the page itself, please contact...

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