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Website Design

Website Design with a Strategic Approach

There are so many design firms, web development companies, and agencies that specialize in website design, which is great if you already have your marketing foundations in place.  But whether you are starting from scratch as a new consultant, business owner, or entrepreneur or whether you have a website that’s under-performing, you probably want more than just good design.  You want to work with someone who will dig deep to understand your business and your market (or help clarify that for you, if you haven’t invested in that already) and develop a brand or re-brand your business accordingly. Welcome to our world; we approach website development strategically, with a holistic look at the business, to help you be successful online and offline.  If this sounds like nirvana to you, let’s set up a meeting.

Website Design from Scratchbrands from scratch

All initial B2B website design should include branding. The trick is, not all web developers are branding experts or brand strategists. Even those who are super-savvy in this department (and we are always looking to connect with them) may not be able to help you refine not only your offering but your processes and differentiators, too. It’s just not their core business or the best use of their time. If you know you want to start smart and a cheap logo and basic website template won’t cut it, you’re in the right place.

When we work with startups or new business owners like you to write your website copy, oftentimes we’re not just writing web copy. We’re actually helping you to establish or expand your offerings, which is a totally a different level of service and capability than a freelance copywriter or web designer. We are opening up new revenue streams for your business.  So, if innovation appeals to you, you have struggled to communicate about your offering before, haven’t yet dedicated the time and energy to thinking strategically about going to market, or are feeling like everyone you consider working with is too specialized and you need more “big picture” thinking, we can help. Let’s schedule some time to see if we’re a fit.

Website Revision for Existing Businesses

Updating and revising a website to promote services effectively isn’t always as simple as it seems. To do it right, you need a strategic mindset to ask (and answer) the important questions about the direction of your brand online.

Chances are, you have some ideas about what’s not working. Some clients come to us because their sites are simply dated. Or they need to take back control from an evil administrator. Others never invested in brand and now they understand its importance and role in business growth. Some clients had visual branding covered when they launched their initial site but their messaging or tone was “off,” maybe because they were writing it themselves and didn’t know what they know now, or maybe because someone who wasn’t a great fit wrote it for them. What are your reasons for looking at a website revision? We’d like to hear from you!

We’ve also heard from clients who weren’t getting the conversion results they were looking for or they suspected a disconnect with the message and/or functionality but couldn’t pinpoint the problem. These clients had internal resources or existing relationships with highly talented designers but needed an outside perspective to troubleshoot. For these clients, we offer a Site Review Report instead of website design services, which allows them to remain loyal to their relationships and/or best use their resources while gaining insight on how to improve.

Ready to bring your website up to date and create a brand that will drive bottom-line results? Email us to start the conversation!