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B2B Needs

Business-to-Business (B2B) needs may vary based on overall company goals, company size, and any leadership team or staffing gaps. The B2B needs we hear most often are:

  • “We need to understand and create our value in the market.” (Brand Development)
  • “We need to have cooperative, educated, and supported–vs. silo’ed and competing–Sales and Marketing teams.”  (Sales Enablement and Sales-Marketing Alignment plus Process Development/Process Improvement)
  • “We need to innovate, anticipate future market needs, prepare for market changes, and/or extend our capabilities.” (Product Development, Strategic Partnerships, Channel Marketing, and Brainstorming Facilitation)
  • “We need a cohesive approach to what we’re doing with our online marketing to ensure consistent, effective messaging plus we need our offline activities to be coordinated and aligned with our social media and other activities.” (Content Marketing Strategy and Content Marketing Execution)
  • “We need a website that is on-target in terms of message for our specific market and has the visual appeal and functionality our target market expects.” (Branding, Website Development/Website Design and/or Site Review Report™)
  • “We need to tell a better story.” (Re-Branding, Messaging, and/or Internal Branding)

Some clients do not know what they need, and that’s when we can bring clarity, direction, and focus. We take a holistic look at the business to propose custom, strategic, and creative solutions, which may include a combination of marketing and marketing management solutions, culture development (internal branding), or process development/process improvement.   We consult with B2B clients who face the following challenges:

  • Long sales cycles
  • Lack of differentiation in the market
  • Not in front of enough decision-makers
  • Increasing competition/new entrants
  • High turnover
  • Sluggish/slow sales
  • Not enough leads or qualified leads
  • Too many marketing tasks
  • Can’t keep up with marketing trends
  • No one on our leadership team is addressing market strategy or marketing strategically
  • Too many choices to make about the company/product direction
  • Not attracting the right clients and/or employees

People often ask us, “What’s your specialty?” It’s solving the problems you know you have and uncovering and solving the ones you don’t.  We call it “creative partnering.” To discuss your particular challenges or learn more about the value we provide, contact us for an initial meeting.