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Service Experience Design

What is service experience design, why should you care, and who needs The Service Experience Design(TM) Engagement?

If you want to become a “next-level service provider” (read: double-down on your current success and achieve much more), read on. service experience design

Chances are, you have happy clients who refer you, defined service offerings, a marketing message, and some processes in place. Most of your clients return or re-hire you. And you realize you could do better.  There’s a lot, you realize, that you don’t know in terms of how happy your current clients are, why some clients are not as active as they once were, and why some have left. Or why they might be thinking about leaving. Same thing with prospects: some “ghost” and you have no way of knowing why.

I’ve seen that even some of the brightest entrepreneurial-minded leaders have left the experience of these prospects and customers to chance. In other words, they have not carefully designed their businesses to be responsive to true prospect and customer needs at all the critical moments–from the time they raise their hands as interested to the time the service is completed and all the points in between and beyond.  What happens as a result?  Expectations are unknown and unmet. Unknown or unmet expectations can weaken a service-based business’ ability to reach its potential–or command a premium.

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Plus, we all need to care about what our clients experience while working with us. As humans helping humans, we need to ensure they are satisfied at every stage and for the span of time our services are being offered. Even after a service has been completed, clients have expectations that we would be ahead of the curve to know about and respond to. This is what service experience design is all about and what a Service Experience Design(TM) Engagement allows you do to. It is, in our minds, the “un-mined” gold in your brand and market differentiation strategies.

[bctt tweet=”Service experience design is the ‘un-mined’ gold in your brand and market differentiation strategies.” #serviceexcellence]

Most of us have defined values for our businesses–such as quality, authenticity, collaboration (some of my favorites)–so we need to walk the talk. Otherwise, we mess with our reputation and prevent clients and prospects from believing us and believing in us. Both are needed for the trusting relationships we require as next-level service providers and entrepreneurial-minded leaders. Consistency of experience builds confidence.

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And that consistency is delivered when service experience design is a central focus–not an afterthought. When it is the a priori “marketing” investment instead of all the quick-hit tactics espoused by gurus (aka “lemming marketing”).

This is something strategic. Strategies propel us forward. It’s the hard work that goes into them that take us to the next level. Service experience design is the foundation that hardly anyone starts with and that those looking to up-level their success can turn to when those tactics or coaching programs feel inauthentic, robotic, surface-level, or do not allow for your unique strengths and the soul of your work as an entrepreneur to shine through.

Warning: Service experience design is not easy. And it is challenging to do without outside perspective. It requires objectivity and the ability to draw out candid responses from asking the tough questions. That is why we developed the Service Experience Design(TM) Engagement to work alongside you. We think through logistics and processes from beginning to end to improve your client experience. I’m talking holistic understanding of your benefits, the potential to deliver, and your current reality.

We want to capture the soul and spirit of your values and work and make that palpable for your most valuable clients, customers, or guests. Extracting their values, too, we ensure that what we design exceeds expectations. We also bring fresh ideas to test for hidden expectations–the real difference-makers between being delighted and being satisfied.

Are you brave enough to put your business under the scrutiny needed to design highly valuable customer experiences? It takes courageous service providers to look squarely at their past decisions, at where they’ve taken a wrong turn, and to course-correct. We work in a nonjudgmental way to bring about the change needed to up-level your success in this highly specific focus on “customer satisfaction.”

Are you ready to grow your already-solid business by identifying your gaps and aligning completely with true market needs? We invite you to set up a call with us to explore the possibilities and see whether a Service Experience Design(TM) Engagement is right for you.