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B2B Marketing Solutions

We take a holistic approach to addressing your B2B marketing needs–looking at all aspects of your business today and carefully considering your future business goals to ensure marketing effectiveness. Oftentimes, because of this approach, our marketing consulting engagements uncover opportunities for improved processes and internal culture–which we believe are also core B2B marketing solutions.  Our clients benefit from an uncommon level of strategic thinking and highly customized solutions and deliverables–all based on our business-to-business experience in the professional services, consulting, and software industries.

If you understand the importance of investing in strategic B2B marketing solutions that make sense, give us a call or email us to start the conversation.

If you know what you need and have a project in mind, you can easily evaluate whether we’re a good fit for you based on our values.

B2B Marketing Strategy

Businesses of all sizes as well as professional associations can benefit from a marketing strategy, strategic plan, or strategic planning assistance.  You might need B2B marketing solutions–specifically strategy–if you need help to:

  • Identify or refine your marketing objectives
  • Respond to changes in the industry
  • Challenge existing competition
  • Enter a new market
  • Expand service offerings
  • Communicate value to prospects
  • Support sales efforts
  • Establish the brand or rebrand your company/product/organization
  • Start a new business or business unit

Marketing strategy projects rely on market research to support outcomes to the extent that budget allows and may include:

  • SWOT Analysis (yes, old school but still relevant)
  • Detailed Competitive Analysis
  • Positioning Statement
  • Value Propositions/USPs
  • Industry Definition & Scope
  • Mission & Vision Statements
  • Values Development
  • Target Market Studies
  • Customer Segmentation
  • Branding or Rebranding
  • Naming
  • Messaging
  • Product Roadmap
  • Product Line Expansion/Service Diversification
  • Other Product Development efforts

To learn more about B2B marketing in general, visit the Business Marketing Association’s Knowledge Center.