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How to Develop a Plan to Update Your Website Content

on July 16 in Startups/Entrepreneurs | 0 comments

How to Develop a Plan to Update Your Website Content for Solopreneurs Looking to develop a plan to update your website content–either on your own or with some outside help? Most of us know there’s dated content on our sites. If we look at updating our content, we’ll be able to re-post, re-promote and ultimately add value to our audiences. We may even find inspiration for new content. But first, we’ve got to find the pages that need our attention and develop a plan. (1) Create an XML sitemap Traditionally used for SEO purposes, the XML sitemap will extract all the existing pages of your website. This will give you a clear picture of your website content. Since most of us have small sites, this tool is sufficient: (2) Convert the XML sitemap to CSV or Excel using Use CSV if you want to import to Google Sheets (great for collaborating) Use XLS if you just want to work in Excel (3) Add your headings and develop your plan of attack This might be as simple as an “Update” column or if you plan to outsource or collaborate, you can add Priority, Assigned to, Due Date, Changes Needed, Notes, etc. When prioritizing, it’s a good idea to look at your Google Analytics data That’s my quick process for developing a plan to update clients’ (and my own) web content. Did I miss anything? Anyone want to weigh in with detailed advice or other...

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Website Design

on October 26 in | 0 comments

Website Design with a Strategic Approach There are so many design firms, web development companies, and agencies that specialize in website design, which is great if you already have your marketing foundations in place.  But whether you are starting from scratch as a new consultant, business owner, or entrepreneur or whether you have a website that’s under-performing, you probably want more than just good design.  You want to work with someone who will dig deep to understand your business and your market (or help clarify that for you, if you haven’t invested in that already) and develop a brand or re-brand your business accordingly. Welcome to our world; we approach website development strategically, with a holistic look at the business, to help you be successful online and offline.  If this sounds like nirvana to you, let’s set up a meeting. Website Design from Scratch All initial B2B website design should include branding. The trick is, not all web developers are branding experts or brand strategists. Even those who are super-savvy in this department (and we are always looking to connect with them) may not be able to help you refine not only your offering but your processes and differentiators, too. It’s just not their core business or the best use of their time. If you know you want to start smart and a cheap logo and basic website template won’t cut it, you’re in the right place. When we work with startups or new business owners like you to write your website copy, oftentimes we’re not just writing web copy. We’re actually helping you to establish or expand your offerings, which is a totally a different level of service and capability than a freelance copywriter or web designer. We are opening up new revenue streams for your business.  So, if innovation appeals to you, you have struggled to communicate about your offering before, haven’t yet dedicated the time and energy to thinking strategically about going to market, or are feeling like everyone you consider working with is too specialized and you need more “big picture” thinking, we can help. Let’s schedule some time to see if we’re a fit. Website Revision for Existing Businesses Updating and revising a website...

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How to Improve Your Small Business Website

on December 28 in Small Business, Tech | 0 comments

Most micro and small businesses started a company website at launch in order to establish a brand identity, build credibility with potential buyers, cross temporal communication barriers, create another opportunity for lead generation or customer education, or even conduct online sales. However, as the company has grown and more information has been added, the site has lost its focus, become difficult to navigate, and/or compromised the brand. The effects of these challenges can appear as decreased e-commerce or lead generation activity, negative feedback from users, or lack of contact made with the right customers. To remedy this, we recommend a thorough site review—in the form of our Site Review Report™. To provide those of you who like to do it yourself a foundation to work from, here are some key guidelines to consider when seeking to improve your existing website: Assess the current activity. To best understand what changes to make, you’ll need to know what is happening on your site. Take a look at the reports and statistics that come with your hosting plan. If they are insufficient, supplement them with a Google Analytics account. Looking at the numbers is an important first step in any site re-design project. Plan to put other data collection mechanisms into place. Consider what you need to know about customers to be successful, including demographics and psychographics. Design the necessary mechanisms or forms to capture that data if it isn’t readily available. Be clear about the product or service you’re positioning and its relationship to “online.” It sounds easy, but oftentimes we are so familiar with our product or service offerings that we forget what someone needs to know and understand when encountering it for the first time. Looking at the offering with an outsider’s point of view is important to see how others will respond it. Oftentimes, a professional external review is helpful. Make sure your content speaks to the intended audience with a clear, consistent, well-thought-out marketing message. Based on the above and an understanding of your market, scrutinize the content to identify any barriers to successful communication. Ensure all visual images support your message. Ensure the site is structured to meet your purpose. Users should be able to move through...

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Creative Partnering 4-Hour Working Session

on November 7 in |

About the Creative Partnering™ 4-Hour Working Session What’s included? This TDZ Creative Partners offer, which is the INITIAL STEP in your service experience design, includes: A Pre-Session Call and/or Personalized Questionnaire to prepare for our session Creative and Analytical Thinking applied to your responses along with marketing/website review prior to our session A 4-hour Working Session to: Conduct a strategic, holistic assessment of your business to drive focus on results Find untapped opportunities to consider Provide fresh ideas to achieve your objectives Review current service experiences from an internal perspective to identify quick wins and determine the effort needed to differentiate yourself with a complete Service Experience Design™ Engagement (if applicable) Uncover new solutions to overall challenges A Custom Deliverable to assist in taking immediate action (Past examples have included: Revenue Goal Tracker, Idea Bank, Goal Tracker Timeline, Action Plan, Key Decisions Documentation, Personalized Meeting Summary, User Stories, and Roadmaps.) A 15-minute Follow-Up Call, to track your progress, celebrate successes, and gear up for “what’s next” Who is this for? Are you a time-strapped, action-oriented business leader who needs to delve in and compete effectively, make change, and increase profitability in short order? Are you ready to take the first step toward differentiation, increased revenue, and improved productivity? Do you understand the value of a customized solution to meet you where you are? If so, I invite you to make today the day that you invest in yourself and your future success. Why is a holistic approach important? We realize looking at the business as a whole when you’re trying to solve ONE PROBLEM seems like overkill. The truth is, it is rarely just one problem and sometimes the one we’re focused on as leaders isn’t the most threatening problem–it’s just the one we can see (given our blind spots), the one that feels the most urgent, or the one that someone has told us is critical. For more on this subject, check out our recent post, “Why We Take a Holistic Approach to Service.” Why is this work important? If you already do strategic planning, you know how important this kind of work is–although you may have had varying results in the past, depending on your approach. Some business leaders have...

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