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Try Something New

on March 26 in #30DaysofQ2 | 0 comments

We’ve all heard the Einstein-attributed definition of insanity.

And yet sometimes when we make change and try something new, we might seem insane to others–or at least incomprehensible. Some might be scratching their heads because they don’t understand us.

That’s OK. (If you are scratching your head, read this.)

The good news is if we have cultivated relationships–deep, caring ones–we will have support and freedom to change without judgment. And even if we are not understood.

Judgment is one of the things that keeps us small. When we do it to others. When we do it to ourselves. And it really stops us from making change AND connecting with others That’s why I created the Certified Authentic Networker (CAN) program.

Those of us who have been working on reducing judgment (I’m looking at you, CAN alumni!) are probably getting better (different!) results from our networking activities. Anyone who isn’t even aware that judgment might be a liability in their networking approach can benefit from trying something new–joining our ranks as re-imaginers of networking.

Join us on April 21 to achieve better networking experiences through deeper connections and relationships–or to ensure you’re getting MORE of those from your efforts.

(This is Day 27 of #30DaysofQ2.)

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