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Gratitude: Another Important But Not Urgent Activity

on March 6 in Creative Partnering | 0 comments

One of the first times I heard gratitude talked about as a worthwhile activity was at a luncheon with non-profit expert, speaker, author, coach and friend, Jarrett Ransom. I’m pretty sure I did nothing at the time in terms of developing a “gratitude practice.” Again, it’s that issue of urgency, which kept (and often keeps) me in Quadrant 1. Today is my birthday and so there is a lot to be grateful for. Another year of life. Having my basic needs met. Having friends and family wishing me well. Thank you to everyone who sent me a text, left me a voicemail, messaged me on Facebook, and gave me a thought today even if they did not have the time to reach out. I was able to say “thank you” a little bit today but I have more to do. And it’s not just “doing” gratitude, it is feeling it too. So I will be sure to find it, hold it loosely, let it envelop me, and pass it on. Day #7’s challenge (which will be continued tomorrow) is to have an attitude of gratitude, to act on it, and to feel it. It’s important, not urgent....

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Achieving Clarity through Meditation

on March 5 in Creative Partnering | 0 comments

Quadrant 2 activities include “values clarification,” but clarity in general is a good investment in my mind. And if achieving clarity through meditation is possible, I’d put meditation in Quadrant 2. I have only dabbled in meditation in the past. But through sessions today at The Sisterhood Extravaganza with Nicole Bandes and Kristi Hall, it became apparent to me that meditation needs to be a daily practice as a means toward better decision-making and clarity in general. At Phoenix Startup Week 2016, Russ Perry had a powerful slide (as I recall it said): Busy is the enemy of Clarity.  Mediation is not busy. It is stillness, and has the potential to bring to light answers. As well as deepen our connection to ourselves and others. To me, that falls in line with Quadrant 2. So, Day 6 of #30DaysofQ2 is to practice meditation, 3-10 minutes a day. Do you agree meditation is an important but not urgent activity? If not, where would you put it?...

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Recreation as a Quadrant 2 Activity

on March 4 in Uncategorized | 0 comments

It’s Friday! What better day to embrace recreation as a Quadrant 2 activity? This one is a no-brainer. And yet, to make time for fun–aka meaningful entertainment experiences–can seem, well, wrong. That’s the challenge of living in Quadrant 2, especially for solo service providers, self employed folks, and solopreneurs like me.  I’ve talked about the challenge of extracting myself from work before and building relationships with events. Recreation can be seen as a luxury, sure. But my challenge today is to embrace it as a necessity. I know when I was sick as a dog from chemo, fun seemed like a long way off.  I probably even vowed to have more of it when I was better. And yet, I fall into work. The trick is to throw off this heavy cloak of guilt and enjoy life. I should know this. TGIF to remind me of the importance of this. And since it’s the birthday weekend, I have the best reason of all to celebrate. Here’s to another year of...

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The Power Poses-Authenticity Connection

on September 19 in Creative Partnering | 0 comments

What’s the Power Poses-Authenticity Connection? By now, Amy Cuddy’s research and TED talk are well known among many business people. What interests me is the connection between using power poses and how that physical action allows us to be more ourselves.  Cuddy captured the idea perfectly when speaking to youth at a shelter, as reported by the New York Times: This is why I advocate power poses before networking events as part of the Certified Authentic Networker program. Useful for men and women, introverts or extroverts, and no matter what our mindset prior to the action, power poses increase our ability to be comfortable and therefore more genuine. If you’ve experienced the benefits of power poses, please share your story! What Else Can You Do? Learn more about how to leverage power poses for networking; join us for the next training session. Get more tips for networking authentically, as well as upcoming training sessions, by joining our mailing list or updating your preferences after entering your email address, which will ensure you get the most relevant information. Related posts: A New Way to Network in Phoenix The Problem with “How to Network” Advice The Importance of Authenticity in Networking Networks with a Shared...

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