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Giving Others a Vote of Confidence

on March 20 in Foundations | 0 comments

Taking the time to let those in your professional network know that you support them is an important but not urgent activity.  An easy way to do this is to endorse them on LinkedIn. Endorsements are those opportunities you see to “check off” that a connection knows her stuff.  As opposed to recommendations, which are another (albeit more time-consuming but important) way to show support for an A-lister or someone you have worked with before. I realize many don’t take those endorsements seriously–and for good reason. In fact, for the very reason I’m listing here:  Endorsing people is really a vote of confidence. It says to them, “Hey, I believe in you.” Most of the time, I suspect we will only endorse people when we have awareness of their skill set. Sometimes, I admit, I do not have direct knowledge of someone’s expertise, say with SQL or Project Management.  I figure, common sense. A database admin and PMP probably do have that knowledge. When we endorse in this way, we are simply taking the person at his word. An endorsement simply says, “I trust you.” Sometimes we can be skeptical of people’s skills and that’s fine, too. We can also like them and not endorse them for something if we do not have first-hand evidence that they know something. I’m not “endorsement-happy” in that I skip over a lot. Making time to endorse others and let them know you believe in them is a good way to reconnect with our weak ties, build relationships, and say “I’m thinking about you.” It’s not to be taken lightly. Not to be used as a marketing tactic. But to be approached with authenticity, joy, and honesty. How do you feel about LinkedIn endorsements? Are you endorsement-happy? Do you approach it mindfully with the intention of giving someone a vote of confidence? Update: Endorsements are not as popular as they were at the time of this initial post; is that good thing or do you miss the emphasis on acknowledging...

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Offering to Help Others

on March 16 in Creative Partnering | 0 comments

Bringing our strengths and skills to the forefront and offering to help others is one of the greatest win-wins. Unfortunately, with all the busy-ness, we can forget to reach out. Or think we don’t have enough time to help. Or think they wouldn’t value or need our help. You never know! We don’t have crystal balls. Some people spend the majority of their time helping others. This is admirable as long as they are taking care of themselves and asking for what they need too. If their helpfulness is coming from a place of love vs. attachment, all the better. In the meantime, carving out time to help (or offering to help) is an important but often not urgent activity. That’s the #30DaysofQ2 challenge on this Day 17. If you need further evidence of how impactful giving to others is, check out Adam Grant’s book Give and Take. Think you don’t have enough time to help or feeling burnt out already? The Conrey Callahan anecdote covered in this Forbes article (scroll down to #2) show the counter-intuitive logic of giving anyway and succeeding. Related articles across the web Give and Take (Book...

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Asking for What You Need: A Quadrant 2 Activity

on March 13 in Creative Partnering | 0 comments

Too often we don’t ask for what we need. Especially women. That’s why I created Authentic Women’s Exchange–an invitation-only “netplaying” (vs. netWORKING) group that provides the space for women to ask. We met today, as always, on the 13th of the month. So today is not so much a challenge as it is an affirmation. We can ask for what we need and making time to do so is an important but not urgent activity. What do you need help...

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Gratitude: Another Important But Not Urgent Activity

on March 6 in Creative Partnering | 0 comments

One of the first times I heard gratitude talked about as a worthwhile activity was at a luncheon with non-profit expert, speaker, author, coach and friend, Jarrett Ransom. I’m pretty sure I did nothing at the time in terms of developing a “gratitude practice.” Again, it’s that issue of urgency, which kept (and often keeps) me in Quadrant 1. Today is my birthday and so there is a lot to be grateful for. Another year of life. Having my basic needs met. Having friends and family wishing me well. Thank you to everyone who sent me a text, left me a voicemail, messaged me on Facebook, and gave me a thought today even if they did not have the time to reach out. I was able to say “thank you” a little bit today but I have more to do. And it’s not just “doing” gratitude, it is feeling it too. So I will be sure to find it, hold it loosely, let it envelop me, and pass it on. Day #7’s challenge (which will be continued tomorrow) is to have an attitude of gratitude, to act on it, and to feel it. It’s important, not urgent....

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Building Relationships with Events: Day 4 #30DaysofQ2

on March 3 in Foundations | 0 comments

In 2010, I started holding “office hours,” but I didn’t keep up the trend.  It seems like “tweetups” back then were all the rage, so you could actually expect to meet someone in person you only knew online. I decided to revive the idea this year and use it as a way to sit down with people I had met or break the ice with new folks. By hosting this small gathering, I get to have interesting conversations and build trust, which is so much better than traditional networking. (Introverts, holla!) Plus, it allows me to follow up without having individual coffee-date overload.  There’s always the opportunity to connect other people, too. Today I held office hours and was reminded of how much more natural (authentic) it is to listen and be invested in what business owners have going on. Bonus: I get to stay in touch with market needs and stay sharp with respect to solving problems. How are you building relationships by hosting an event? Other ways? That’s the #30DaysofQ2 challenge for today. Post a comment! Want to be invited to the next office hours? Follow @tracydiziere, look for #OfficeHoursPhx, and/or sign up for...

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