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Start with a Goal

on October 2 in Small Business | 0 comments

It sounds so simple. And it’s a message that’s so pervasive. Yet putting goal-setting into action can range from being an exercise that begins with positive momentum but becomes difficult to maintain to virtually non-existent due to day-to-day demands.  Nevermind full-on strategic planning, which can be too daunting, misguided, or cumbersome for some business leaders! So, what can you do?  Especially if you aren’t prepared to start setting goals by yourself today? The first step: Eliminate the barriers. I’ve noticed a lot of the resistance is really just lack of motivation. I’ll bet if we asked small business owners, executives, practice directors, and managers the majority would say that they want to set goals.  The trouble is . . . it’s not a necessity because it’s not urgent, it’s not (yet) associated to a tangible desired outcome, and perhaps there is greater fear associated with doing the mental work.  Fears such as:  What if I don’t know what I need to do?  What if I find out what I need to do but can’t afford it?  What if it’s a waste of time and energy?  What if I miss opportunities because I’ve neglected my “regular” tasks? One way to eliminate the barriers is to actually talk to a marketing person (surprise, surprise!).  You can’t know what to focus on in terms of marketing activity without strategic goals, and these often escape even the most intelligent business leaders because they are simply lacking outside perspective. To eliminate the barriers and start building momentum for a strategic marketing approach today, download our free strategic planning...

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