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StrengthsFinder Assessment

About the StrengthsFinder Assessment

Dr. Donald O. Clifton, Tom Rath, and Gallup scientists created the StrengthsFinder assessment in 1998. After Dr. Clifton’s passing in 2003, the name of the online tool was changed to the “Clifton StrengthsFinder.”

The Clifton StrengthsFinder can actually be considered a misnomer; it’s actually finding your natural TALENTS. Strengths are when we combine natural talents with the related skills and knowledge, applying them to a specific task for consistent, near-perfect results. And it is by concentrated work, often with a creative partner, that we turn talents into strengths and ideas into realities.

As a creativity conduit, we use StrengthsFinder results to guide clients’ decisions (as well as personal brand) and bring ideas to life for entrepreneurial-minded leaders. If you have an idea in mind or a complex decision to make, share it with us in the chat box.

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