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Issue a Bad Service Citation

Does someone need to be issued a bad service citation?

We get it. You paid someone (a solo services provider, a company, etc.) to solve your problem, treat you right, be fair and professional, and the list of what you might’ve expected goes on . . . but they didn’t. You’d love to tell them what they did wrong (and, if you’re feeling charitable, how they can improve)–but maybe they didn’t ask. That’s why we created this bad service citation; it’s a fun way to complain to a service provider or say “help me, help you.”

We admit, it’s somewhat tongue-in-cheek. And that’s what makes this bad service citation good for a laugh at least. You can plan what you would say if you were feeling so bold. We like to think there’s catharsis in filling it out, even if you never send it. (Who doesn’t love a good vent now and then?)

There are many reasons you might want to issue a bad service citation and we’ve tried to be accommodating to the seriously snarky, the super sympathetic, and everyone in between. Here are some of the most common reasons for downloading our “About Your Service. . . ” form:

  • I feel this service provider isn’t delivering what clients like me expect–and I’m upsetbad-service-citation-image
  • I really wish this service provider would step up their game
  • I have a sense of humor and/or I like the idea of laughing off my poor, sub-par, or mediocre customer experiences so I’ll keep it handy for that
  • I’m just curious about what a form looks like

Can you relate?

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Did you have a bad customer experience but you’re feeling sheepish about sending a bad services citation directly? Email your completed form to us and we’ll send it over for you!


Did you receive a “bad service” citation ?

We feel you, too. It’s not always easy meeting customer demands–or even knowing them. And we do really want to see improvement across the board for services providers who, despite their best intentions, simply haven’t been able to design a service experience that both screens out clients who aren’t a fit and makes ideal clients feel like they were MFEO. It’s just not usually a priority–or we’re just so busy running on auto-pilot with our standard operating assumptions.

The good news is, if you got a bad service citation, now you know. Now you have the power of knowledge. And the power of choice. And if you use all that wisely, you can not only plug the gap but also compete effectively. We’d like to see you win. Because, trust us, everyone makes mistakes. The goal is to make the mistakes that don’t matter and are forgivable–and deliver stellar service in the areas that are most important to your peeps. We’re here to help you with that as creative partners. Even if your bad service citation is mean and spiteful, we won’t hold that against you. We know that anything is possible for those who want to succeed.  And those who know that “Nothing is created alone.”

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