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Practicing Learned Inspiration

on March 24 in #30DaysofQ2 | 0 comments

I am the first to admit–I’m not always able to see myself with pride and compassion. I suspect we all waiver at times, no matter how much we love ourselves. My theory is “this is constant work.” But that’s also a concept I grapple with.

Why does this have to be so much work? Why am I not just perfect as is? How come I found yet another flaw to work on today?

This line of questioning is NOT productive. It is NOT healthy. And so I am learning how to “undo” it. I am learning what to do and teaching it at the same time in order to inspire myself and others.

Oftentimes, this feeling of lack, of imperfection, of self-doubt arises when we’re in comparison mode. We look at someone under the microscope, maybe dwell on something we see in them (us!) that we don’t like.

But what if we observe as if from afar, with compassion? With curiosity? With support just because someone else is human and deserves it? What if we say to ourselves, “I deserve success.”



Observe yourself and others as if from afar, with a compassionate view. 

Instead of comparing ourselves and looking at an accomplished someone with a volatile combination of awe and jealousy, what if we said, “Thank you. Thank you for showing me the way. For proving it can be done. I am happy to see you making change. We are the same. I can make change too. Thank you for shining a light on what is possible for me if I will only CHOOSE it.”

And then . . . what if we choose it?

This is the two-fold #30DaysofQ2 challenge for today: Spend time choosing it and Practice learning and teaching what you need to do to inspire others.


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