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Meta-Blogging: 21 Unwritten Marketing-Related Blog Posts

on September 2 in Soapbox | 0 comments

I should be blogging more frequently, I admit. Really, lack of time shouldn’t be an excuse for any of us.

Mostly, I think there’s so much that needs to be said to the SMB market about marketing.  That realization led me to this post,  which is actually a list of blog post topics I’d like to write about.  I may be cutting corners but, hey, it’s a new post.  Let me know if any of these strike your fancy and maybe I’ll get to work on some real blogging . . .

Marketing-Related Blog Posts Titles and Ideas

  1. Product Development: The Missing Link
  2. Process:  A Service Differentiator
  3. How Marketing Compares to Pushing Drugs
  4. Why Your Marketing Tasks Fail (or are at least ineffective)
  5. You Don’t Know, Because You Don’t Track
  6. Marketing’s Role in a Knowledge Economy OR Marketing Is
    Knowledge Work: Invest Accordingly
  7. You’re Too Busy to Succeed: Here’s Why OR Tactics Keep You
    Too Busy to Succeed
  8. Marketing: Part Science, Part Art, but Whole Hearted
  9. Stop Trying to Solve Your Communications Problem
  10. Misdiagnose Marketing Issues . . . and Misuse Funds
  11. Don’t Underestimate the Work Required
  12. If You Don’t Invest in Your Company, Who Will?
  13. Ease on Down the Road . . . to Marketing Failure
  14. What You Need to Make Smart Marketing Decisions
  15. You Don’t Need Marketing, You Need Sales
  16. Learning to Love Marketing Strategy
  17. Unconscious in the Ocean: When Businesses Ignore Their Markets
  18. If You Really Want to Improve, Stop Following Others
  19. Brand-Based Decision-Making
  20. Internal Marketing’s Blind Spots: Value, Logic, and Competition
  21. Born Yesterday:  Where Today’s Marketers Come From



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