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Finding Your Strengths

on March 31 in #30DaysofQ2 | 0 comments

Today I am in San Francisco for the first day of the Gallup Successful Strengths Coaching Program and it is the last day of #30DaysofQ2. (Confession: I am late in posting but I drafted this on Day 30.)

strengths finder

StrengthsFinder’s founder has it right.

It’s not often we spend the time to take stock and find our strengths. But they can tell us so much . . . especially when clarity, inspiration, or change seem like distant planets. That’s why I decided to take this journey. So many friends, would-be entrepreneurs, and current business owners can benefit from knowing themselves authentically, and aligning their jobs, brands, service offerings, and lives accordingly. By focusing on strengths, I can help them bring about a clearer vision of where they need to go, gain more momentum to get there, and amass the courage to make the changes required to do so.

I’m excited to use the knowledge I gained to fulfill my promise to coaching clients:

I create a safe space for you to be and discover yourself, to practice embracing and LOVING your strengths, and being inspired to ACT and LEAD with strengths while sharing your newfound discoveries with others so that we may all better understand one another. 

Are you ready to find your direction based on YOUR strengths? Become a Strengths Enthusiast to learn more.

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