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Certified Authentic Networker

Are you ready to become part of the authentic networking movement? Watch now to learn more!


Put authenticity to work for you and join part of a distinct networking community by becoming a Certified Authentic Networker.

Consider THIS:certified authentic networker shaking hands

How much more productive–and happier!–would you be at professional networking events if you . . .

  • built relationships faster?
  • had access to a community of like-minded, authentic professionals–online and in-person?
  • allowed yourself to fully BE yourself?

The Certified Authentic Networker Program provides all this and more!  You’re invited to attend the next session and supercharge your networking efforts. To get more info, sign up to receive our emails or check out our recent posts:


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Certified Authentic Networker FAQs

What is “Level 1” of the program? 

The Certified Authentic Networker Program Level 1 focuses on networking at events. Level 2 is in development and will address the tools and processes for authentic follow-up.

Who is this session for?

Anyone who understands the business value of in-person networking, relies on networking and referrals for business success, and values authenticity. We’ve had positive feedback from people who love networking and don’t, introverts and extroverts, neophytes and pros alike. Many of our alumni were already (naturally) networking authentically and have simply increased their A-list.

Is this “training?” I know how to network. 

It’s not training in the traditional sense. It’s more about building a community of professionals committed to approaching networking authentically.  You might already be doing that. You might even be doing it with ease. (There are varying levels of comfort, and that’s ok.) You might be disappointed that others aren’t always  “showing up” and being authentic too. Or maybe you’ve found some great venues/groups where people are willing and able to network authentically, but you want one more option to add to your calendar. If you can’t get enough positive energy and aren’t afraid to show up and be vulnerable, this is for you. Too often, it’s our ego that says we can’t show our faces somewhere if we are going to be taught something we already know (or are expected to know or even be an expert in by the larger business community). Boo hiss! There’s always more to learn and more people to meet.


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