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Site Review Report

A Solution for Small Business Website Problems, Design & Usability Issues


All site visitors are potential customers. Those who relate to and understand your website’s content, find the website easy to use, and ultimately have a positive impression are more likely to become purchasers.

Websites without logical user interface and navigation, quality content, seamless applications, and engaging and appropriate design repel would-be customers. Does your small business’ website suffer from this problem? Before you start to redesign, lay the foundation for improving user experience and online lead generation with a user-centered site review.

The Problem with Small Business Website Management


You built a website for your small business. To establish a “web presence.” To generate leads, educate prospects, or serve existing customers. To start building your brand. Or even provide an online sales channel or e-commerce system. Your initial website content and web design was a good start in helping customers to find you online.

BUT NOW . . .

The company has grown. New web pages and site content have been added, often on-the-fly. You’ve had to keep up. Company direction and personnel have changed. Multiple website designers or web design companies have been hired to make changes, revise, or redesign all or portions of your site or applications. You’ve entered new markets, developed new products, or improved your customer segmentation strategies. The old website doesn’t speak to what your business–and brand–is today. It is fragmented, and lacks a clear, consistent message. Perhaps, like 51% of small business owners surveyed by Webvisible and Nielsen, you believe both the quality and ability of your small business website to acquire new customers is only “fair” or “poor.”

Even if you feel ambivalent about your website, your small business might be feeling the effects of a loss of focus, frustrating user interface, unclear or difficult navigation structure, disjointed content, or other general usability problems. Common symptoms are:

  • Lower online conversion rates
  • User abandonment, opt-outs, or bounces
  • Lack of repeat visitors/customers
  • Sluggish sales
  • Low length of time on site stats

The cumulative effect can result in decreased sales or lead generation activity, negative feedback from users, loss of online business, or lack of contact made with the right customers. But how do you know what to change–design, writing, navigation, data display, forms, templates, layout, etc.–to improve user experience?

A site review is the solution to fix your website problems.

Solving Small Business Website Content, Design & Usability Issues
Site Review Report(TM) – The Solution

A site review conducted by Tracy Diziere & Associates (TDA) includes a thorough analysis of your website with new and improved content suggestions and specifications for good website design and an enhanced contact strategy plus any relevant web interface and/or usability modifications. The resulting Site Review Report is an investment that ensures you’re aligning your online experience and brand image with your customers’ expectations.

The report can be shared with your writers, designers, marketing department, or website design company of choice (or we can execute for you) to achieve the following goals:

  1. Speak to the desired target market(s) or customer segments
  2. Build customer awareness and confidence
  3. Increase lead generation from the site
  4. Create a customer experience that matches your brand and encourages repeat visits
  5. Boost online sales
  6. Reduce user error, frustration, and customer complaints

To learn more, visit our blog to see how small business websites (and some corporate websites) can be improved or contact us for a Sample of Contents.