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Creative Partnering Engagements

What are Creative Partnering Engagements?

Creative Partnering Engagements are customized client “working sessions” that produce action aligned with vision, goals, and values.  The possibilities are limitless, as are the situations in which we work with entrepreneurial-minded leaders–whether intrapreneurs or business leaders. Essentially, Creative Partnering™ Engagement clients reach out to us when they:

  • Find themselves trying to do too much on their own–and not accomplishing enough
  • Face a new challenge and see only few solutions–or perhaps no way out (We call this “Idea Drought”)
  • Have too many ideas and not enough discernment (We call this “Idea Fog”)
  • Need creative ideas or solutions and are coming up empty on their own (Also part of “Idea Drought”)
  • Over-analyze ideas and solutions resulting in non-action and wasted time
  • Procrastinate a decision or action because they can’t see all the potential steps–or the first step to take
  • Want to bring an idea to life and need help refining, testing, and launching it
  • Are too close to their idea and can’t see/plan for any risks to mediate or pivots needed (We call this “Idea Attachment” or “Idea Euphoria” )
  • Have had lots of “cheerleaders” for their idea and they need a BS-meter
  • Have had lots of “naysayers” regarding their idea and they need a fair assessment
  • Need to step up their game with respect to profitability or productivity


Creative Partnering Engagements allow you to breakthrough to action–with outside perspective, non-judgment, trial and error, and a lot of out-of-the-box options! Together, you’ll go farther, faster toward execution or solution. As a Creativity Conduit, I roll up my sleeves, bring a ton of creative energy to support you, and partner with you for optimal results.