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About Tracy Diziere & Associates

About Tracy Diziere & Associates

Tracy Diziere & Associates is a marketing consulting company that provides marketing strategy and execution of results-driven content.  When consulting, we assist clients in gaining clarity, focus, and direction around their marketing efforts as well as ensure they are executing on the right marketing activities. We also ensure the long-term success of B2B channel programs by providing content marketing services to in-house marketing leaders.


Meet Tracy

Tracy Diziere is a marketing strategy consultant with a passion for process improvement, effective project management, and business culture development.  Prior to establishing Tracy Diziere & Associates in 2007, she held marketing, PR, sales enablement, quality control, and product management positions in large organizations, including a division of Thomson Learning and Arizona State University, and several private software development/technology companies. Her marketing career and foundational knowledge of operations, process, strategy, and consulting began at Arthur Andersen, where she supported managers and partners across industry groups and service lines in the Atlanta office until 1997 before moving to Arizona.  She also served on the Board as the VP Marketing and Public Relations for the Phoenix chapter of the Association of Business Process Management Professionals (ABPMP) for two years starting in 2009. 

Professional Core Values

The strongest foundation for a business relationship is shared values. We invite you to consider whether our values are important to you as well.

Authenticity in All Things. Authenticity, for us, is not a buzzword. It is a driving force in everything we do. We recognize it as a journey and something to strive for daily. To be vulnerable and to live/work/play your way and in your genius zone is what we love for our clients and associates to do. We try to create experiences and opportunities to appreciate everyone’s true and full selves.

Goals First.  We provide a foundation for articulating and prioritizing your goals—because our clients know the best place to start is with the end in mind (a la Stephen Covey).  Once we set goals, we develop a plan to achieve them.  Planning is the heart of strategy and is the service our busy clients appreciate most.

Commitment to Quality.  Clients come to us for an unwavering commitment to quality work.  They know any marketing effort worth doing is worth doing well and appreciate the level of thought that goes into each outcome.

Logic.  We recommend and create outcomes that make sense for your business.  This means we rely on past experience, knowledge of best practices, and valid research to guide marketing, operation, product, process, and channel decisions. We work with clients who understand the value of starting their new business on solid ground or are ready to commit their existing business to logical, planned marketing efforts.

Creative Solutions.  Our goal is to present you with solutions you may not have explored yet—by drawing from other industries, questioning the status quo, and introducing options based on real market data—to bring you closer to achieving your goals.  Fresh perspective is one of the greatest gifts we can give to our clients, along with careful consideration of solutions via a “devil’s advocate” approach.  Ideal clients are ready to receive these gifts and able to shift their thinking, when necessary, for the success and growth of their companies.

Other Values

In addition to these professional core values, we also strive for the highest degrees of helpfulness, thoughtfulness, authenticity, and openness when working with clients on a personal level.  The people and communities we value focus on renewal, promote resourcefulness and self-reliance, ease the suffering of others, and support locally owned (Phoenix and Arizona-based) businesses.

Does it sound like we might be a fit?