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Image and Authenticity: Are Image-Conscious People Authentic?

on February 29 in Uncategorized | 1 comment

It’s a controversial question. I imagine in some cases, women in particular reading this may be protesting at the very suggestion. Maybe a better question is “What’s the opposite of authentic?” Is it artifice? Superficiality? Maybe. And if that’s the case, is focusing on image a small part of that?  I admit: I am skeptical about those who seem overly concerned with their appearances. Is there a connection between image and authenticity? I get that as women we are expected to pay attention to how we look. In many cases, we’re encouraged to look for deficiencies–and to cover them up. Men struggle with this, too, but they haven’t experienced the same societal pressures as women. In either case, one reason we might be image-conscious, regardless of gender, is we’re trying to “make up” for something we think is wrong, instead of allowing ourselves to accept what’s there naturally. For me, it’s about the reasons (and thoughts!) behind the actions. Makeup, nail polish, styling products–all potential signals we might be more concerned with image than substance. Does that mean I’ll never use them? No. Does it mean it I’ll be mindful about how and WHY I use them? Yes. I think it is important that people know when they see me it’s all about how I’m feeling in the moment. When I do use makeup, it’s minimally. More importantly, I’m not looking at flaws or covering up. There’s far more important work to do than sitting in front of a mirror! (I don’t even sit down usually if I’m going to put on makeup!) What matters to me is the intent behind the grooming. Not everyone who has a French manicure or a perfectly trimmed beard is obtuse. For me, the impression that someone might be “overly concerned” with image creates a lack of trust. This may just be a personal bias, but when I sense that someone is too invested in how they look–they have signs of the perfectionist with respect to “image”–I have doubts about their ability to be authentic. To accept themselves as they are. All this said, no matter what someone’s reasons are for showing up as they do, we can’t truly know why. We can only pay attention to our...

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The Power Poses-Authenticity Connection

on September 19 in Creative Partnering | 0 comments

What’s the Power Poses-Authenticity Connection? By now, Amy Cuddy’s research and TED talk are well known among many business people. What interests me is the connection between using power poses and how that physical action allows us to be more ourselves.  Cuddy captured the idea perfectly when speaking to youth at a shelter, as reported by the New York Times: This is why I advocate power poses before networking events as part of the Certified Authentic Networker program. Useful for men and women, introverts or extroverts, and no matter what our mindset prior to the action, power poses increase our ability to be comfortable and therefore more genuine. If you’ve experienced the benefits of power poses, please share your story! What Else Can You Do? Learn more about how to leverage power poses for networking; join us for the next training session. Get more tips for networking authentically, as well as upcoming training sessions, by joining our mailing list or updating your preferences after entering your email address, which will ensure you get the most relevant information. Related posts: A New Way to Network in Phoenix The Problem with “How to Network” Advice The Importance of Authenticity in Networking Networks with a Shared...

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Success Is an Inside Job

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Part of my message at today’s Conscious Connections panel “Insight from Women of Influence, Impact + Profit” was “Success is an inside job.” This was/is a hard learned lesson and speaks to the need for personalized attention when growing as an entrepreneurial-minded leader. I/we need this kind of help. That’s why I fill the role of “creative partner” for others. And why I heavily invest in personal-professional development myself while involving advisors and team members (especially my “A-list“) for added perspective. The interesting thing about being on a panel for me (any speaking gig, really) is that I spend so much time preparing and then I (have to) let it go. Especially if I don’t show up with notes in hand. It’s just going to be whatever comes out of my mouth. And hopefully that experience is just as good as the one I planned. For this panel, the central questions about entrepreneurship were: What has been most surprising about being an entrepreneur and scaling your business?  What has been most challenging?  What are the 1-2 key things to which you attribute your success?  In preparing for speaking, I try to craft in writing what I would like to say. So I thought it would be fun to provide the answers I wanted to give today–the ones I had painstakingly crafted (with some inspiration from Jennifer Lawhead and a lot of coaching with communications angel/phenom, Jenn Kaye). I may have touched on these points or said them differently. I probably added a bunch not captured here. And hopefully I said the spirit of this–in so many words. Here’s how I responded to the questions in writing: What has been most surprising about being an entrepreneur and scaling your business?  Lots! No shortage of surprises. Frankly, that the best path is my own. So often we’re bombarded with all these messages about what success looks like and the formulas for how to get there plus quite frankly our own expectations and assumptions. I call BS. I had to learn that I didn’t need to follow any of that–at all or to the letter. The surprising thing has been I needed to accept that I had to find my way of doing...

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About Tracy Diziere, Creativity Conduit

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. . . for Entrepreneurial-Minded Leaders and Founder/President, TDZ Creative Partners   As a Creativity Conduit, I help entrepreneurial-minded leaders go farther, faster with the best ideas. Whether they work within companies—or lead their own—I partner with clients to grow their businesses, uplevel their marketing output, and embody a more authentic way of living and working.   The biggest obstacle to success is a motto I lived by for far too long: “If you want something done right, do it yourself.”   If you’re anything like I was, you’ve flown solo—or aimed to—for as long as you can remember. After all, you’re a disruptor. You’re all about working and living outside of the box and ahead of the curve. The last thing you want to do is admit you don’t have all the answers. But… you’re up against the clock, a mile-long to-do list—and a mountain of undeveloped, untested, and unrealized ideas. And maybe too many unknowns. It’s clear to you that doing it all yourself has led you to a dead end. It’s humbling and scary to know that you need help. I get it. From figuring out my brand, to competing in a new market, to clinging to business ideas that just don’t work, I’ve tried and failed on my own enough to know that the only way to create success is to co-create it. Which leads me to my new and improved motto:   Nothing is created alone.   Sharing your ideas, your stumbling blocks, and your authentic self with the right creative partner is the bravest choice you can make. And, it’s a choice that can save you time, heartache, and the insanity of running in circles around your ideas or challenges. Ultimately, you’ll achieve more.   What can you expect when you work with a Creativity Conduit?   You’ll get customized support.  The soul of your success is you—not a cookie-cutter program, a quick fix, or a guru. My approach is to roll up my sleeves and dive in to who you are, how to leverage your strengths, and what will drive your definition of success forward. In fact, this level of customization and partnership is what allows business leaders to achieve more–to actually...

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Service Experience Design

on May 28 in |

What is service experience design, why should you care, and who needs The Service Experience Design(TM) Engagement? If you want to become a “next-level service provider” (read: double-down on your current success and achieve much more), read on.  Chances are, you have happy clients who refer you, defined service offerings, a marketing message, and some processes in place. Most of your clients return or re-hire you. And you realize you could do better.  There’s a lot, you realize, that you don’t know in terms of how happy your current clients are, why some clients are not as active as they once were, and why some have left. Or why they might be thinking about leaving. Same thing with prospects: some “ghost” and you have no way of knowing why. I’ve seen that even some of the brightest entrepreneurial-minded leaders have left the experience of these prospects and customers to chance. In other words, they have not carefully designed their businesses to be responsive to true prospect and customer needs at all the critical moments–from the time they raise their hands as interested to the time the service is completed and all the points in between and beyond.  What happens as a result?  Expectations are unknown and unmet. Unknown or unmet expectations can weaken a service-based business’ ability to reach its potential–or command a premium. [bctt tweet=”Unknown or unmet client expectations can weaken a service-based business’ ability to reach its potential.” #serviceexcellence] Plus, we all need to care about what our clients experience while working with us. As humans helping humans, we need to ensure they are satisfied at every stage and for the span of time our services are being offered. Even after a service has been completed, clients have expectations that we would be ahead of the curve to know about and respond to. This is what service experience design is all about and what a Service Experience Design(TM) Engagement allows you do to. It is, in our minds, the “un-mined” gold in your brand and market differentiation strategies. [bctt tweet=”Service experience design is the ‘un-mined’ gold in your brand and market differentiation strategies.” #serviceexcellence] Most of us have defined values for our businesses–such as quality, authenticity, collaboration (some...

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